What is Addxp?
Your partner in Innovation

We have a range of solutions for you to choose from.

Your partner in Innovation

We have a range of solutions for you to choose from.

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seamless User

Elevate your brand’s online presence, maximize the user engagement and deliver a seamless and memorable user experience with increased customer satisfaction.

User Experience

All aspects of an end-user's interactions with the company, its products and its services through offline or online channels.

Make your
Content Experience

We are here to help you boost your search rankings and enhancing your content’s usability along with increasing user engagement to help you retain your customers.

Content Experience

The overall experience of an end-user of accessing, consuming and engaging with a stream of brand content at various touchpoints.

Maximize your customer satisfaction

Streamline the user buying journey including the checkout process to provide maximum customer satisfaction and a seamless commerce experience.

Commerce Experience

The journey of an end-user's interactions with sellers and businesses from awareness, purchase to post-purchase with layers of social engagement.

Technologies we provide

We have 8 different types of servcies to add to your stack of offerings.

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