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What is User Experience?

User Experience is where Design meets Delight. You create experiences that are unique for bringing customer satisfaction one click at a time.

Why Solar Eclipse?

Just like the sun in the solar eclipse, user experience is always there, just can’t be seen. It is strong, powerful and gives the light needed for visibility.

What all is included in UX?

A click? UX! A scroll? UX! Any and every interaction that the customer has on their journey through your website is user experience. Now it’s up to you to make that journey interesting!

Why is UX important?

User Experience is the science of making “Easy” exquisite for your users and making them come back to your website. It’s all about crafting those “WOW” moments for every user.

6 steps to creating a magical UX

This is how we ensure that you will be awestruck with our solutions!

6 steps to creating a magical UX

This is how we ensure that you will be awestruck with our solutions!

  • Researching your brand
  • The first phone call
  • Learning expectations
  • Defining end-goals
  • Analyzing the needs
  • Setting up suggestions
  • Forming a plan
  • Sharing resources
  • Creating a roadmap
  • Analyzing budgets
  • Finalizing resources
  • Creating a proposal
  • Agreement and Contract
  • Building the dream team
  • Onboarding them all
  • Setting up priorities
  • Wireframing & execution
  • Building a prototype
  • Creating variants
  • Testing all the variants
  • Finalizing end product
  • Project execution
  • User acceptance test
  • Final reviews and approval
  • Project is live
Perks and benefits
Why exceptional User Experience is important?
More customers

A well-designed user experience will increase customer loyalty & satisfaction. This will lead to positive brand perception & growing customers.

More clicks

A good UX that WOWs the customers will make them spend more time on your website and they are more likely to interact and click.

More conversion

A seamless user experience leads to more conversions and more repeat customers for your brand.

More savings

A great User Experience means less issues, less customer support required, and cost savings for your team.

More loyalty

When users have positive digital experiences, there is an increased brand loyalty, and they advocate for your brand and products.

More sales

Of course, THIS. Any business has the end-goal of making profits. A better user experience brings sales, revenue, and profit.

You will get
User Experience like never before
  • Design Strategy
  • Stakeholder Interview
  • Market Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Research
  • User Personas
  • Data Gathering
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • User Flow
  • Information Architecture
  • Card Sorting
  • Wireframing
  • Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Execution
  • Deployment
  • Testing QA
  • Going Live
We have a little visual delight for you!
Turn the UX on and see for yourself!
The Ultimate FAQ Handbook

We are always Q&A central so you can feel free to reach out and ask us anything. Meanwhile, below are the answers to some of the most common queries.

When your User Experience is great, your customers automatically engage with your website. A visually appealing, interactive experience makes them want to stay, click, and purchase. This will also increase their repeated visits to your website.

UX focuses on the journey of the users and their overall experience including usability, accessibility, as well as emotions. UI on the other hand deals with visual elements and layouts.

Reach out to us and get the best User Experience solutions for your brand to elevate and empower it in the market. Contact us here.

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