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This award recognizes Addxp as a Bronze Partner of the Kentico CMS. We power your success with Kentico through our various Kentico related services and help you build your success story! Discover the power of Kentico CMS now and let us together leverage the potential and power of this headless CMS.

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Faster time to market

Kentico’s hybrid headless architecture enables your business to have quicker implementation which in turn leads to a faster time to market.

Low-code tools

Our Kentico development service means your marketing teams have complete control over crafting customer journeys.

More flexibility

You get the chance to deliver multiple experiences with flexibility built for the future along with better security and scalability.

Competitive advantage

There are tools to help you with seamless integration to deliver remarkable experiences using fewer resources.

Developer’s Delight

Having built on Dot Net 6 technology, along with its SaaS flexibility, Kentico CMS is rich with features to have your project running in no time.

Cloud-native platform

Kentico is cloud-native along with being headless. This means it has extendibility as well as affordability to offer in addition to great security.

What sets us apart?

We live and breathe digital experience which is why we’re the best in business.

10+ successful projects

Our clients have always received exceptional results with their business being driven to success through our efforts.

5+ years of experience

We have an experience of over a better part of the decade working on headless technology.

In-house development

Our team is in-house and they are fully dedicated to fulfilling all of our clients' needs religiously.

Flexible hiring approach

We don't have any rigid terms of contract.You pay for what you get and for how long you avail our services.

Multi-domain expertise

Our multi-talented developers bring a wealth of knoweledge and unique set of skills to the table in multiple domains.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our services are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality with prompt and timely deliverables.

The Ultimate FAQ Handbook

We are always Q&A central so you can feel free to reach out and ask us anything. Meanwhile, below are the answers to some of the most common queries.

Kentico caters to both types of business, small and enterprise-level, and provides scalable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of a business.

Yes, using Kentico you can integrate third party systems and applications such as CRMs, marketing automation platforms, ERP solutions, etc.

Yes, Kontent.AI, a CMS developed by Kentico, comes with features for optimizing your content for search engines and helps you increase search engine rankings and visibility.

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